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Diane Bray BSc Hons PGCE

Diane Bray has been a teacher of Graphics, Design Technology, and Art at secondary level for the past 20 years with a brief stint as a Key Stage 2 Primary core subject teacher. After finishing her degree in Design, Engineering and Computing she embarked upon her PGCE not really understanding what was in store! That year proved to be a challenge but at the same time exciting and like nothing else she�d encountered before. She began to realise that teaching most certainly would not be a dull choice of career!

It was not until Diane had her second child and returned to work that she realised the full extent of her daily challenge! It was one thing being a great mum, another being a great teacher but quite something to be both! Not wanting to be rated anything other than outstanding she set about finding a full proof method to enable her to run an interactive and engaging lesson whilst incorporating the fundamental and non-negotiable elements.

This is where the structured lessons interface began in essence, with her ideas and the knowledge and support provided by Jim the interface was realised! This has been trialled and tested with her students at Secondary level from Year 7 to year 11. Overall the students have enjoyed the experience and the integration of this style of teaching has proved to enhance performance at both key stage 3 and 4, avoiding the death by power point experience!

In more recent years Diane has spread her wings into wider circles to include County moderation and literacy co-ordination as part of the West Wilts Alliance. Nonetheless her primary focus will continue to be planning effectively for her students as individuals to enhance their experience and subsequently their performance.

Jim Margetts BEng Hons BCS

After leaving Art College in 1979 Jim Margetts joined the Royal Air Force as a Photographer. Later he became a staff photographer for local newspapers and finally a music photographer for Melody Maker. After a few years he sidestepped photography and moved into pre press as a Final Film Planner at large printing companies in London. In 1989 he moved to Wales to work for a printing company linked to ITV Wales.

In 1994 Jim started a Software Engineering Degree at The University of Aberywystwth (which he still finds difficult to spell). In 2000 he started contracting as a Visual Basic and Microsoft SQL Server Database Consulatant, working in Belgium and then other companies along the M4 corridor. In 2005 he moved into Web Development specialising in Coldfusion development.

Jim Margetts is a keen musician, playing guitar for local bands and is one of the guitarists for a Pink Floyd covers band. Jim is also the owner and developer of one of the UK's biggest Live Music Websites called