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Overview of Structured Lessons

Your success in teaching is gauged daily, the barriers are also moved frequently, we decided that a solution to aid our success in the classroom was neccessary. You can access our classroom manager which will support your busy planning schedule and help you to deliver lessons deemed outstanding in just a few short steps.

You already have the lesson plans and the resources, you have the knowledge, the skills and undoubtedly the success. The structured lessons Interface is here to help you fine tune the delivery and planning to make it clearer when linking the new Ofsted criteria.

This idea was founded by myself, a teacher of 14 years who is also a busy mum of two. I wanted to ensure that I was always able to cover all of the elements that fascilitated my delivery of varied, fun lessons in order to be deemed an outstanding practitioner. The way in which this interface supports me is; I can plan to cover the appropriate teaching objectives and make sure that they are clearly linked to student progress.

With an interactive white board and those students equipped with wifi enabled devices (tablets and smartphones) will be able to work interactively using the interface in order to progress themselves. Every element of the lesson is covered including links to literacy support examples, it is so easy to understand and user friendly.

Diane Bray BSc PGCE

The History of the Structured lessons Interface

This idea originated in a classroom using the ideas from both staff and students and was created using those examples. The Interface is editable, and needs to be in order to suit the needs of your class. It will enable a more smooth running lesson and will be your insurance policy if Ofsted were to breeze into your room. It is just the beginning in terms of monitoring but with the aid of ipads in the classroom it will know no bounds. If you are often nervous when being assessed and tend to be climbing a mountain of daily paperwork then Structured Lessons could be your solution.